Video for Business

 Promotional videos are fast becoming one of the most popular ways to communicate with your clients.

I can shoot, edit and produce a short film for your business, whether or not I’m building a website or shooting still images for you. Whether it’s to introduce yourself, a new product, or just to show off how blindingly good you are at what you do, I’ll help you plan and execute a video you’ll love.

Prices depend on the complexity of what you want, of course, but as I mainly work with small businesses I aim to make video available to everyone. Please get in touch and I’ll give you a quote.


Why Video?

Should you be using video to promote your business? Simply put, yes. More and more businesses using video to promote themselves, as it’s one of the most versatile tools in your marketing toolbox.

As humans, our vision is our dominant sense, so it’s no surprise that messages transmitted via moving pictures can boost engagement, build trust and encourage your clients to share your message. It’s very popular with mobile users – who make up a significant proportion of your local market – and is easy for everyone to consume. Like pizza.

Want to connect with your clients and potential clients before you ever meet them? Want to put your message across, or explain how your product or service works, or how you’re different. Video is, very likely, the answer.


Animated GIFs aren’t just for fun. They catch the attention of your buyers like nothing else, so are perfect for social media or to use in online ads.

Ask me about making a custom gif for your business.

Video Stings

What on earth is one of those then? Well, it’s essentially a nonsense term for something very, very cool: a short animated intro, outro, logo, etc, etc, for you to use in your marketing.

animated gif for business
animated gif for business folkestone
gif for business social media
animated gif for business social media

I can produce a whole range of these for quick, easy purchase directly through this website.